Are your Dreams more Vivid at the moment?

While under lockdown people are experiences more vivid dreams and particularly anxiety dreams. If you are concerned with your dreams please drop me a line.

Adam has been a qualified Professional Consultant for over 30 years in Astrology, Tarot and Dream Interpretation. He is a long-standing past President and Chairman of the British Astrological & Psychic Society and is currently a committee member of the Astrological Lodge of London. Adam is a regular dream expert on BBC Radio and has produced Radio and TV shows on the Paranormal

  • Dreams

    Adam is probably best known as the BBC’s regular expert on Dreams and the author of best selling book Understanding Dreams.

  • Astrology

    Adam is a well known astrologer and has been President and Chairman of a number of astrological societies and regularly appears on TV & Radio

  • Tarot

    Adam has written books on the Tarot and regular featured on TV and radio talking about the Tarot

  • I just want to say thank you so much for my astrological past life report. It has given me a lot to reflect on and think about, in order to bring about positive change. I found the report fascinating, intriguing, and dare I say it slightly uncomfortable at times. Your report therefore has definitely helped me to look at my life and who I am in totally different light. Thank you.

    Kellie S
  • Just to let you know I received my karmic report yesterday & was very impressed with your accuracy on my astrological report. It was worth waiting for, thanks

  • Thank you very much for my karmic reading. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be any good at all, I only ordered it out of curiosity!! However it was on the whole uncannily accurate, as was my personality report. Thank you

    Joanna L

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