• The Biz – Stars Feb 2021

    Your Stars - Find out what lies ahead in February

    3 months ago
  • The Biz – Stars Jan 2021

    Your Stars - Find out what lies ahead in January

    4 months ago
  • Astrology Quarterly – Time Lord or Time Lady

    When Jodie Whittaker gained the keys to the Tardis, it was perhaps an unusual decision, for the character had always been male until that time.

    1 year ago
  • Astrology Quarterly – China sends a Telegram

    Before text messages, email and next day couriers, we had the telegram from your local post office by which you could send your urgent message, limited to a couple of lines of text.

    2 years ago
  • BBC Oxford Children in Need

    Louisa's experts helped Pudsey Every week Louisa Hannan has a selection of experts from across the county to help you find the answers to life's little problems. Whether it is consumer advice, computer problems, pet worries or an out of control garden, we are here t

    11 years ago
  • Book Review: Family Sun Signs by Adam Fronteras

    12 years ago
  • Spirit & Destiny – Soul Secrets Book

    Market Leader Spirit & Destiny magazine has collected together all the leading figures in the psychic, spirituality and healing worlds to share their secret wisdom, uplifting stories and personal, practical tips for living an incredible and inspired life.

    14 years ago
  • Prediction Magazine – Retrogradation

    The word planet comes from the Greek, planetes, meaning 'wanderer' and this is because no one really understood planetary movement until Kepler's theory of planetary motion in the 17th Century.

    17 years ago
  • Chat It’s Fate

    Are you a psychic smarty pants? Try our fun exercises to test your skills...

    18 years ago
  • Book Review – The Ultimate Astrologer by Nicholas

    Nick ( A BAPS former president) has brought together all the information a beginner in astrology needs. Amazon Link

    18 years ago
  • Prediction Annual 2003

    Tarot Horoscopes 2003

    18 years ago
  • Best of Chef – Stars in their eyes

    Armed with only dates, times and place of birth and the subjects sex, astrologer Adam Fronteras tells us what the future holds for three chefs. Paul Kitching, Anne Hansen, David Everitt-Matthias

    19 years ago