Tarot Library

As well as being an expert on the Tarot, Adam has over 200 decks on the tarot,
some vary rare, and some very collectable.

I am gradually adding the decks to this page, so check back on a regular basis.

A smaller sized deck of cards issued in 2016. Privately published featuring a ginger cat and other cartoon animals. I would imagine

This was one of my favourite decks for a while and the deck was created by Ciro Marchetti and published by Llewellyn

A miniature angel oracle deck approx. 7cm x 5cm contains 60 cards with inspirational messages written by Wulfling von Rohr and Gayan

An interesting deck by Elsa Khapatnukovski and Eugene Vinitski published in December 2020 . This was a first edition and is numbered 28. The 150 page paperback book that comes with the deck is nicely detailed and features the meaning of each card in events, business, finance emotions, mental state as well as its numerological and astrological meanings.

Angels of Awakening Oracle Cards A set of cards featuring statues of angels, with messages or inspirations by Daisy Foss and Laraine

This is a highly detailed deck that has used and adapted famous artworks into the meanings of the tarot. Designed by Andre

Will this be a short lived fad, I am not sure but this Steampunk deck by Llewellyn is an interesting pack Steampunk

This 2012 deck published in Canada painted Frederick Potter and Oleanna Potter in Canada. The pictures are based on the Rider-Waite but meant to bring out goddess element and according to the authors allow you to tap into the feminine energies.

This is a fascinating deck though a difficult one to read with and even if you did , you might scare of

This 1998 Pagan inspired deck, illustrated by Paul Mason with text by Anna Franklin and published by Llewellyn. This deck is based