Tarot Library

As well as being an expert on the Tarot, Adam has over 200 decks on the tarot,
some vary rare, and some very collectable.

I am gradually adding the decks to this page, so check back on a regular basis.

I love this deck for its simplicity. It’s a Folk Horror theme by Stef Butler aka  Agni Prasada Burning  and this deck

Popularly known as the Marseilles Tarot, this is perhaps one of the most familiar old decks in regular use though mostly used

Developed in and published in April 2012 – This is more a card game with Tarot like trumps. The cards have a

Basically just a set of cards with inspirational messages written by Diana Cooper  that I assume you are meant to pick at

MyWuXing Card Game also known as MFive Elements. This is more of a card game using the Chinese elements of water, wood,

The Visconti di Modrone Tarot (also known as the Cary-Yale deck) is one of the three surviving original Visconti deck. These cards

A themed Tarot deck using the Japanese cartoon Manga by comic book artist Selena Lin. This deck comes in a very sturdy

Divine Animal Tarot by Lisa Hunt This deck dates from September 2005 , published by Llewellyn and features watercolour images of animals

This comes in a heavy duty fabric lined case which seems to be collect dust.  Published in 2009 as part of the

This cubist deck based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. The Suits have been changed on this, Swords have been changed to flames, Wands,