Tarot Library

As well as being an expert on the Tarot, Adam has over 200 decks on the tarot,
some vary rare, and some very collectable.

I am gradually adding the decks to this page, so check back on a regular basis.

This is a deck of cards written by Chrissie Astell of inspirational messages inspired by the angels. Personally, I don’t tend to

This deck was illustrated by Lisa Hunt and the book written by D J Conway uses the mythological creatures. The unicorn features

Vintage Horror Tarot  An interesting deck which is based on photo’s and artwork of old mostly American Universal Horror films. So old

This is basically a 72 card deck depicting a different angle on each card. The artwork is pretty basic and comes from

Developed in and published in April 2012 – This is more a card game with Tarot like trumps. The cards have a

Would you believe, this is the deck I learnt Tarot with, and it was a few years before I realised you could

Angels of Awakening Oracle Cards A set of cards featuring statues of angels, with messages or inspirations by Daisy Foss and Laraine

This deck published by Llewelyn in 2012 has become a very popular deck over recent years. Written by Ellen Dugan with cards

Despite the erotic title the cards themselves are just a recoloured Rider Waite with a few words printed underneath. The back of

Teen Angel Cards Not really an Oracle or Tarot deck more of an inspiration deck. I can’t see any Teenagers wanting a