Tarot Library

As well as being an expert on the Tarot, Adam has over 200 decks on the tarot,
some vary rare, and some very collectable.

I am gradually adding the decks to this page, so check back on a regular basis.

Sherlock Homes Tarot Inspired by Conan Doyle and no doubt released to capitalise on the recent success of the BBC Sherlock TV

This is a Mystic Meg Rune deck illustrated by Caroline Smith who also illustrated the Mystic Meg Tarot deck. This miniature 24

Mystic Dreamer Tarot This deck follows a standard Rider Waite format and the cards were designed by Heidi Darras . The cards

This is a highly detailed deck that has used and adapted famous artworks into the meanings of the tarot. Designed by Andre

I love this deck for its simplicity. It’s a Folk Horror theme by Stef Butler aka  Agni Prasada Burning  and this deck

William F Geer, Lloyd Morgan , Book by Susan Gerulskis-Estes I am sure that we all have a regular go to deck.

This is a traditional deck by Giovanni Vacchetta and was first published in 1893 in Turin, this is a coloured version as

This came in a huge box and card set. The cards themselves are contained within a hard cover with ribbons to keep

This is a deck of cards written by Chrissie Astell of inspirational messages inspired by the angels. Personally, I don’t tend to

This 2012 deck published in Canada painted Frederick Potter and Oleanna Potter in Canada. The pictures are based on the Rider-Waite but meant to bring out goddess element and according to the authors allow you to tap into the feminine energies.