Tarot Library

As well as being an expert on the Tarot, Adam has over 200 decks on the tarot,
some vary rare, and some very collectable.

I am gradually adding the decks to this page, so check back on a regular basis.

This 1998 Pagan inspired deck, illustrated by Paul Mason with text by Anna Franklin and published by Llewellyn. This deck is based

There are quite a few decks with the title of Celtic and this one is by Lo Scarabeo designed by Pietro Alligo

This is an unusual deck in that the cards do not necessarily follow the normal wording. The Ouroboros is the Wheel of

This Lo Scarabeo deck is designed by Mauro De Luco . It really is just a plain erotic deck – not a

Would you believe, this is the deck I learnt Tarot with, and it was a few years before I realised you could

Published by Lo Scarabo Very much a gimmick deck. The cards just the 22 majors are only 1cm by 2cm (if that)!

This is a fascinating deck though a difficult one to read with and even if you did , you might scare of

A miniature angel oracle deck approx. 7cm x 5cm contains 60 cards with inspirational messages written by Wulfling von Rohr and Gayan

This is basically a 72 card deck depicting a different angle on each card. The artwork is pretty basic and comes from

This is a simple Tarot, traditional but uses pips for the minor arcana . It comes with a small book written by